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Hi there!

I'm Salome Sullivan, a Director of Content with over 12 years of experience in content creation and growth marketing, with a passion for health and wellness. I believe that great design and storytelling should be at the core of every brand's DNA. My expertise in producing premium health and wellness content and launching custom physical fitness and mental health training programs has allowed me to make a positive impact on the lives of many.

At UltraHuman Healthcare, I worked with a team of experts, including neuroscientists, clinical psychologists, athletes, and fitness coaches, to produce over 1000 hours of high-quality content that engaged and inspired our audience to take sustainable steps in improving their overall metabolic health and mental wellness.

As the founder of Huckleberry Media, I led the development of video and animation production pipelines, creating digital intellectual property programs anchored around athletes. Additionally, as Head of Content at Group M agency, I led a vast team of producers, writers, designers, and editors to create award-winning digital campaigns for leading Fortune 500 companies.

The concept of UpWellia has always captivated my imagination; a place where nature's beauty and the vitality of life converge, creating a powerful transformation. I strive to infuse this same spirit into all of the content I create, from inspiring training programs to impactful marketing campaigns, my goal is to help brands make a positive impact in the world by embracing the spirit of UpWellia.

Where currents converge,
A place of power and life,
UpWellia's embrace.


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